Monday, March 31, 2008

My dear, sweet Drama Queen

I have been given permission from Grace to post the following conversation which happened the night after her colonoscopy/endoscopy.

Kimberly: Grace, you did so well, and just think really the only thing that will change is that you cannot eat popcorn anymore.

Grace (as she begins to sob): But, Mama I love popcorn!

Kimberly: Grace you hardly ever eat it.

Grace (still crying): But, Mama, now I'll never get married.

Kimberly: What in the world are you talking about?

Grace: Well, you know when you are at the movies with a boy and you both reach for popcorn, and your hands accidentally touch and you fall in love...that will never happen to me now!

Kimberly (laughing): Grace, you hands can touch while you're reaching for Twizzlers. And, anyway that's not how you fall in love. Someday a boy will fall in love with you because you are beautiful inside and out, you're smart and you love Jesus with all your heart. That's why someone will fall in love with you.

It was one of the most precious moments in our life! I smile every time I think of it.


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Sue said...

Don't we all want to be a princess with a knight in shining armor to persue us (or share twizzlers with?) Yet, isn't that what Christ does for us? He persues us with an amazing love with or without popcorn!