Saturday, March 8, 2008

About Me

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm seven years old and my favorite color is red. It's funny, though, because I hate blood. My favorite stuffed animal in the whole wide world is Alaska. She's my purple bear and she sleeps with me every night. I have a bunny named fluffy. He's one year old. It's pretty hilarious because he's older than my niece Jada. My sister, Devin, had a baby in January. My dad is Tim and my mom is Kimberly. Right now I can hear my dad talking up stairs.

Today we have snow outside that is probably up to my chest. It is so big I don't even think a tiger could crawl through it. I have two sisters, Devin and Alison. I love to write books. Some day I'm going to be a famous author. My first grade teacher said so. Now I'm in second grade. My birthday's in May. I love getting presents. I love the surprise part.

Well that's all for now. Bye.


HIS daughter said...

Dear Grace and Kimberly,
I saw your post on the LPM blogsite and I wanted to "stop by" and tell you that both of you encouraged me today! May GOD be praised.
It's snowing in the mountains of VA today as well.
You keep hanging on to your Romans 8:28 scripture.
You are a blessing to so many of us "whiney" adults.
May GOD bless you with delight this entire weekend!!

Joanne said...

Dear Grace,

Welcome to the blog world! I LOVE your name. I have a daughter named Grace too. She is in the 3rd grade. Do you know that your name means, 'unmerited favor'? God is going to use your life to do great and wonderful things! He has given you the desire to be an author, that is awesome! He has given me that same desire. I hope when you write your first book, I can get a copy of it signed by you!!!

Blessings, Joanne :O)


What a precious little girl you have. I found you through LPM. I always have to stop and check out any family that has named their little girl Grace. I just love that name too. You can share with Grace that though I don't have the illness that she has, I too have had to have a colonoscopy. I was impressed with how brave she was!

I pray God's hand of healing upon you and your precious family.

Blessings, Joanne