Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fluffy (aka Captain Jack Sparraow) Tim took Fluffy to the vet today and they did an x-ray. They say that his stomach is about half full of hair, and that it is blocking the intestines. They are keeping him at the animal hospital for several days during which time they will give injections and pineapple juice to try and dissolve the hair. The vet was very optimistic that they will be able to help him. Hopefully (and prayerfully) he will be home in a few days healthy!

My husband has been such a trooper to help him through this. Even with his allergies, he's been right there helping out as you can see in the picture. We all really love him.

Friday, June 20, 2008


It's been a tough week in our household. It all started on Sunday when Grace's nanny quit. Grace really loved her a lot and so we had one brokenhearted little girl when we finally told her Sunday evening. At 11:30 pm she finally fell asleep after crying for quite some time. What can a parent do in a situation like this? Honestly, I was crushed just seeing how upset Grace was.

Monday started off on the down side. If Sunday was bad, Monday got even worse. Tim got up early as usual and then came and woke me up to let me know that our bunny Fluffy was not moving, seemed very lathargic and was just not being himself. Usually he's hopping around his cage in the morning, but not that day. After a trip to the vet Monday afternoon we found out that Fluffy has a blockage in his digestive tract. Laymen's terms: Fluffy has can't poop. So, every day we've been giving him medicine, which means I'm up early to help Tim give it to him, but still nothing has passed.

We called the vet again today and now we're giving him pineapple joice as well. Not only is he not pottying, he's not eating either. The vet said that if he doesn't go potty by Monday we have to bring him in. We all have been fervently praying for him and I believe God does care. My mom even called me the other day just to see how he was. We all love him so. Tim is allergic to dogs and cats and so we thought the bunny would be a pet Grace could have. However, we've found that Tim is allergic to him as well, but because he too loves Fluffy he faithfully holds him while I give him medicine even though it makes him sneeze his head off. Frankly, we need a miracle for our bunny!

We've let him out of his cage so that maybe some exercise will help. So, right now he's running around the basement. I don't even care if he makes an incredible mess all over the place. I just want him to potty!! After the exercise, he's right now going to town drinking his water so maybe that will help.

Today Grace was at our pastor's house playing with his kids in their front yard. They having a great climbing tree and Grace was playing in it and fell. No broken bones, but some major scapes up her side and belly. She was pretty brave and didn't even cry (or so she says).

All around, it's just been a tough week. Please pray that next week is better in our house. I've never been more excited to see poop in all my life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Innocence lost

My sweet innocent little girl has officially learned her first really bad word. The nice thing is she didn't believe it was a word at all. We were laying in bed the other night and Grace said something about "potty words". To which I said, "Like what?" She then gave me the normal list:

Shut up

Yes, I agreed those are all bad words. Then she said:

"Mama, Alex (the 3 year old next door) keeps saying a word, but I don't think it's really a word."

Me: "What's the word?" I couldn't really understand her so I asked her to repeat it, then spell it.

Sh** (Yes, she spelled it correctly). My heart sank. "Yep, that's a bad word Grace. A really really bad word that we don't ever want to say."

Grace: "So what's it mean?"

Tim: "It doesn't matter what it means. You just should never say it."

Grace: "OK" (after asking a few more times)

As a parent, I just felt horrible. Now that word is stuck in my baby's head. And as long as she plays with the neighbors she's probably going to hear it again. It's not that I want to put her in a coccoon (we'll maybe) it's that I want to keep her as pure and innocent as I can for as long as possible. Isn't it my job as a parent to keep her safe? I'm all about letting her grow and experience life, but I truly believe as a parent it's up to me to make sure she does that within some boundaries. Tim said that we're lucky that she made it to the age of 8. I guess he's right, but it still feels sad. My baby is growing up and fast.