Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Innocence lost

My sweet innocent little girl has officially learned her first really bad word. The nice thing is she didn't believe it was a word at all. We were laying in bed the other night and Grace said something about "potty words". To which I said, "Like what?" She then gave me the normal list:

Shut up

Yes, I agreed those are all bad words. Then she said:

"Mama, Alex (the 3 year old next door) keeps saying a word, but I don't think it's really a word."

Me: "What's the word?" I couldn't really understand her so I asked her to repeat it, then spell it.

Sh** (Yes, she spelled it correctly). My heart sank. "Yep, that's a bad word Grace. A really really bad word that we don't ever want to say."

Grace: "So what's it mean?"

Tim: "It doesn't matter what it means. You just should never say it."

Grace: "OK" (after asking a few more times)

As a parent, I just felt horrible. Now that word is stuck in my baby's head. And as long as she plays with the neighbors she's probably going to hear it again. It's not that I want to put her in a coccoon (we'll maybe) it's that I want to keep her as pure and innocent as I can for as long as possible. Isn't it my job as a parent to keep her safe? I'm all about letting her grow and experience life, but I truly believe as a parent it's up to me to make sure she does that within some boundaries. Tim said that we're lucky that she made it to the age of 8. I guess he's right, but it still feels sad. My baby is growing up and fast.


lori said...

Wow that is great she made it to eight, without knowing bad words. My son learned his first at 5. The tv was on and a commercial for friends was on and Phoebe said the B word, I just looked at Ethan and he looked at me, then said Dont worry mom I won't say B*&@#. Oh well, now at nine he knows most of them and I just tell him you have to choose to be a person who does not say bad words.

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I'm one of your Siestas, getting to meet you in San Antonio in a couple of months. Just wanted to drop by to say hello!

Nancy said...

I pray your little precious one will either forget this word or find it in her heart to dislike it greatly.

I know how hard it is to see your child amidst the sin of the world. God will protect her. Keep praying!