Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Friends (Yes, Bean I mean you)

This fall I switched positions at the university I work for (MVNU). I moved to the position of Director of the University Fund. Not having ever raised funds before, they sent me off to Fundraising School in November. It was quite a learning curve, but a pretty exciting one. I really love meeting and talking with people so I think I'll really enjoy this job. How fun getting to meet and thank people who have supported and continue to support the great mission of this school!

On that note, while I was at class in Indianapolis I got to have dinner with two alumni that I went to school with. Jason Bean and I have been friends since he came to MVNU in 1992. He and his family met with me and another alum, Micah Wright. Jason has a beautiful wife (not sure how he managed that. LOL) and two absolutely sweet and beautiful children. Ethan is almost 9 and Abby is 6. After Tim, I and Grace went to Chicago, we stopped by and had dinner with the Bean's again on our way out of town. It was great for Grace to get to meet his children. Grace and Ethan are both in 3rd grade, so it's conceivable that they could both be at MVNU at the same time. How fun!! It was great getting to see Jason again and to get to meet his family after all these years.

My friend Micah is on a totally different path as he is studying to be a priest. It was also great catching up with him and listening to his journey from MVNU to where he is now. We ate, we laughed, and fun was had by all. :o)