Friday, October 24, 2008

My husband's a wise man.

I was reading comments on a friends Facebook page the other day. All political and some just so sad. The original post by my friend mentioned his concern about the abortion issue with regards to voting for Obama. Many began to comment on his note, and I was taken back by the number of "Christians" who were discussing how that we cannot be too narrow in looking at just one issue. One man, a pastor, even went on to say that it's not something our vote for president can change so why not look at other more signifanct issues that we face. I cringed, my heart broke. Seriously!? I couldn't believe what I was reading. Then I told my husband about it and this was his reply to me.

"Hasn't it become very popular for Christians to now put forth a strong message on how they aren't fighting any longer against abortion and have taken up "bigger" causes. The deaths of our 4,000 troops in Iraq has been an extremely high price. Doesn't God's grief over the deaths of that number every year through abortion matter to these folks any longer."

That night as we were discussing it, he brought up William Wilberforce. For 30 years Willberforce fought against slavery in the Parliment of the United Kingdom until the day it was finally abolished. The wonderful movie, Amazing Grace, portrays his great struggle. It was not an easy fight and took much out of Willberforce. Tim said, "Aren't we glad he didn't give up to take on 'bigger' causes."

I am certain that my passion for the unborn child as well as for the orphaned, widowed and poor can all exist together. I can have concern for the stewardship of the earth as well as the economic crises in our country and still fight for the right of the least among us. This is not about "one or the other" but rather an all of the above. As a follower of Christ, I can no more turn my back on the unborn child than I can on my heavenly Father. His spirit compells me to act! So whether it's through a vote or my sharing personally, I will do all that I can to make a difference.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The real facts about Obama

Check out this article for some detailed information about Obama.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Secret

For any of you all that know me or have heard me share my personal testimony, you know the topic of abortion is near and dear to my heart. Please check out the link at the bottom. Melinda at "traveling the road home" is giving away a wonderful resource that can be used by anyone to help those who have had an abortion.

She gives a statistic that 1 in 3 women have had an abortion. Can you imagine? I know what it's like to live with that deep dark secret, and I also know what it's like to be free! When I think of what God has done to bring me out of that pit...I have to smile. There's nothing like it! Picture standing in the rain and having each drop reach to your very soul...that's grace. Oh, it's so good. To know the freedom that comes from forgiveness. To know that complete healing that comes from God. To know that God loves you no matter where you've been or what you've done. Ladies, it's good...very good! I KNOW.... ;o)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Presidential Election

For anyone who truly knows me, ya'll know I am so into politics that... well frankly I'm totally obsessed! I am a strong conservative, although I haven't always been. I grew up with a strong Democrat as a father and most all of my family were Democrats. However, there are two things that have forever changed my life and those have affected how I vote.

When the primaries began I was a supporter of Mitt Romney. I absolutely love his morals and values as well as his family! Do we completely agree on theology? Nope...but frankly he lives out what we as Christians are suppose to live out and for that he had my vote. When he bowed out of the election I just about cried. By that time I knew that the Republican candidate was going to be John McCain and I didn't like it...NOT ONE BIT! What I knew of McCain, I didn't like. But being me...I began to research and more importantly listen.

One thing swayed me and two things sealed the deal.

1) I heard McCain speak with Rick Warren at the Saddleback Forum. That began to sway me. I really believe that McCain spoke from the heart and I like what he had to say. He talked about the worst moral thing personally that he's ever regretted was the end of his first marriage. I respected that. Then he spoke with such great love for our country that the ice (on my end) began to melt. I was warming up to him.

2) He picked Sarah Palin. I must say I love her. I really don't care what the media thinks. This lady has a moral compass and for that I am grateful. I will post more on her tomorrow, but I gotta tell you...she was one of the things that sealed the deal for me.

3) I read an article that discussed one specific vote that Obama made in the Illinois senate. A bill was written that would allow doctors and nurses in the state of IL to treat babies who were born alive after being aborted. Simple right? A woman has an abortion, her baby is born alive, the doctor gets to treat it. No brainer. Obama voted against the bill. He was the only one to vote no. That my friends completely sealed the deal. To think that a precious baby would be set aside to die...I can't even fathom.

So now you know. Please pray for Sarah tonight as she debates. I am praying that God gives her clarity of mind, wisdom and strength. I really want her to do well.

More tomorrow.