Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike in Ohio

Well for the very first time in my life I got to experience the wrath of a Hurricane. Now we don't normally get Hurricane's in Ohio...well we never get hurricane's in Ohio...remants of course, but not the full blown thing. That was until Sunday. We experienced 75 mile per hour winds here in my little town of Mount Vernon. Our electricity went out at 5:00 pm on Sunday and we just got it back last night at 11:00 pm. Now having been part of the clean-up in New Orleans, I know that I have little to complain about, but frankly by Tuesday I thought I was going to lose my mind! Monday morning we cleaned the debris out of our yard and then headed out to see if our friends were doing ok. I could not believe the devastation! Trees were down everyone...not just tiny trees, but huge old oaks. I couldn't even get to my friend Heather's house because every road was blocked by downed trees. Now of course when the trees came down so did the power lines. Our university had to close on Monday and Tuesday. Grace was out of school until today. Although we have our electricity back on many still do not. Some have no water. We here in Amish country are beginning to understand just how they live....and frankly, I can't fathom it. I don't think of myself as a sissy, but to not be able to communicate with the outside world just about did me in.

On the bright side, my furniture was delivered earlier today and I now have electricity so all is well. Tonight you can catch me on my couch (or love seat) in front of the TV...all night!!!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


I found furniture!!! Tim and I looked at several stores and finally went to one in town last night and both agreed right away that it was the right thing. Right look, right price...just totally right! And once it gets to your house, if you don't like it, they'll take it back. Pretty nice, hugh! The one downside is we won't get the couch until next week and the love seat will not be available for 3 weeks. Yuck! I suppose we will continue to pretend we're at a soccer game. :o)

Also, Grace is doing better. No strep throat...just a cold that I'm praying is about over.

That's it for now.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here I am

OK...I know it must have seen like I'd fallen off the face of the earth for anybody out there who might read this post. Since getting back from San Antonio things have gotten much busier. School's back in session both for Grace and me. I'm teaching Expository Writing this semester, so I'm trying to get my act together and prepare. I decided to have my students read The Shack, basically because I can. I'm anxious to have a dialogue with anyone at this point and since they're a captive audience why not. I've asked them to journal about it and I will also have them write a paper on it. We'll discuss the book in class as well which should be very interesting.
On the first day I told them that they would also need to have a Bible. I decided that instead of some expensive text book with essays in it for them to read, why not use the Bible. One of the students told me that I'm the only prof to have that as required reading...hmmm.

OK...another thing that has happened since SA is SARAH PALIN. I must say I love the choice. For those of you who have heard me share my personal testimony you will understand when I tell you that the night she spoke I wish I could have been there to wrap my arms around her daughter and give her a humongous hug!! That precious child. I cannot imagine having to go through everything she's had to in the last two weeks. I do know that I'm very proud of her decisions and them more I see of the entire family the more I fall in love with them. If you're a democrat, please know that I love you, but as the election gets closer I will probably be sharing my feelings about it. It is not my intention to offend anyone (as if there was anyone besides Megan reading this!), however, I do like to voice my opinion every now and then. :o)

Lastly for the day....I just sold all of my living room furniture and we are sitting on soccer chairs in an empty room. Grace is sick and so missing a couch to lay on and Tim, who is having trouble sleeping, has lost his "bed". Please pray that we find furniture that we like and is in our price range. On a positive note...the sweet lady that bought our furniture kept telling Tim that it was such a blessing to be able to have. God is just so good! That my old furniture could be a blessing to someone else is pretty awesome. :o)

Also, please pray for Grace. She's feeling under the weather and we're hoping it's not strep throat!!!!

Love to all !