Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Disney Vacation we just returned from Walt Disney World on Sunday (Mother's Day) after a week there and we had a great time. Grace turned 9 while we were there, and it was an incredible birthday! We arrived on Sunday and stayed at Disney's All-Star Movie hotel. It was lots of fun.

We were in the Dalmation hotel with a huge Pongo and Purdy at the entrance. This is Grace starring in her own TV show.

After checking in we went to Hollywood Studios to get dinner. Grace wanted to eat at Pizza Planet (from Toy Story) so that's where we went.

After dinner we decided to go to see Fantasmic. It was spectacular! I tried to get some good pictures but could not do it justice. Grace had moments of being scared. It was kind of loud too which she didn't seem to like.

Here she is all excited at first.


And here are some shots of the show...

That didn't even end our day. After this we went on to the Magic Kingdom which was open until 2 am. We stayed until 1. There's lots more to see, but I'll have to wait until later.
The one thing I do want to say is that we realized that after the next 9 years our baby will go off to college. That made this vacation and every other one we take between now and then even more special.

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Lesliedpb said...

Good photos! You look so relaxed on your hotel balcony -- All Star Movies?? I'm glad you got to go and have a fun, relaxing time together. I am sorry life is so hectic otherwise right now. That stinks! I hope God miraculously gives your family breaks and rest that you weren't expecting.