Friday, October 24, 2008

My husband's a wise man.

I was reading comments on a friends Facebook page the other day. All political and some just so sad. The original post by my friend mentioned his concern about the abortion issue with regards to voting for Obama. Many began to comment on his note, and I was taken back by the number of "Christians" who were discussing how that we cannot be too narrow in looking at just one issue. One man, a pastor, even went on to say that it's not something our vote for president can change so why not look at other more signifanct issues that we face. I cringed, my heart broke. Seriously!? I couldn't believe what I was reading. Then I told my husband about it and this was his reply to me.

"Hasn't it become very popular for Christians to now put forth a strong message on how they aren't fighting any longer against abortion and have taken up "bigger" causes. The deaths of our 4,000 troops in Iraq has been an extremely high price. Doesn't God's grief over the deaths of that number every year through abortion matter to these folks any longer."

That night as we were discussing it, he brought up William Wilberforce. For 30 years Willberforce fought against slavery in the Parliment of the United Kingdom until the day it was finally abolished. The wonderful movie, Amazing Grace, portrays his great struggle. It was not an easy fight and took much out of Willberforce. Tim said, "Aren't we glad he didn't give up to take on 'bigger' causes."

I am certain that my passion for the unborn child as well as for the orphaned, widowed and poor can all exist together. I can have concern for the stewardship of the earth as well as the economic crises in our country and still fight for the right of the least among us. This is not about "one or the other" but rather an all of the above. As a follower of Christ, I can no more turn my back on the unborn child than I can on my heavenly Father. His spirit compells me to act! So whether it's through a vote or my sharing personally, I will do all that I can to make a difference.

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M. said...


I was just listening to a podcast from Focus on the Family this morning that was discussing this very same issue and they even mentioned the Wilburforce movie. The point I really liked the most, in response to the remarks that if you want to discuss the abortion issue, that automatically makes you a one issue voter, came from one of the elders of the church the people from this podcast attend, and he said: “The life issue is the E at the top of the eye chart and if you can’t see that clearly, then every other issue underneath it will be blurry as well.” (sorry for the run-on!) That response just really struck a chord with me and I’m thankful that I now have a response to anyone who throws that in my face.

Thank you and Tim both for being so wonderful and for always giving me something to think about!

Love you,