Friday, July 11, 2008

Just an update

This is for Megan who checks my blog daily (or so she says). I told her I'm not that dedicated, plus just too busy to update often. I guess I'm overdue a post though, and so thought I'd write a quick one. To update everyone on our sweet bunny...he's doing really well and making lots of pellets. I've had to clean his cage this week and will have to do so again tonight. Can I just tell ya all how fun that is! But I'm just glad he's alive and so will gladly clean his nasty smelly cage.

A funny story about Grace...two nights ago she woke me up and said that she heard a chainsaw. Now, we really monitor her TV viewing and since my husband's not exactly Tim the Tool Man, I was wondering how she even knew what a chainsaw was. The funniest part came next, though, when she continued. She said that she believed that someone was down stairs cutting Fluffy into little pieces! Again...we do monitor her television/media viewing and so I was bewildered by this. Where in the world did this come from!! I told her to go back to sleep that I was sure no one was in the house and I did not hear a chainsaw. It was a restless night of sleep! Yesterday when I asked her about it she was adamant that she really did hear a chainsaw. Freaky!

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