Monday, July 28, 2008

Jesus at the fair

OK...So last Sunday we went to the county fair. I enjoy going. Tim on the other hand is not so much a fair person (such a city boy). As I was getting ready to go, I began thinking about the fair and the people that you see there. The county fair brings out people from all walks of life. I have one friend (whom I love) who jokes about people who have no teeth being seen at the fair. She understands this because she comes from a "fair" kind of family. However, as I began to think of the fair, something hit me...I think Jesus would have been at the fair. I think if he were living here today, I would have caught a glimpse of Him there because people at the fair need Him just as much as anyone else anywhere. Maybe more so. If you think about the crowds that Jesus hung out with in His time, they were similar to the fair crowd. People who were not necessarily on the high end of society, but rather people who were every day people. Sometimes even the outcast of society. All in need of a Saviour.

Sometimes I think we forget who Jesus was and what He did while He was on this earth. I just finished two books by Anne Rice, Out of Egypt and The Road to Canaan. Reading those I was reminded of the life of Christ. He didn't come to earth to hang out with kings and world leaders. He was born in the stable for a reason. Maybe so that ordinary people like you and me could understand Him better and understand that we too, no matter how rich or how poor, can have a relationship with The King of Kings.

There's a song that Grace did in one of her Christmas plays. The words go something like this:

If You had come on big white horse, so mighty and so strong. I might have been afraid to talk to you, afraid that I'd say something wrong. But when you came the way you did to such a simple place. You let us see an awesome God with the sweet and tender face. And you made it easy for everyone to come, cause everyone loves babies even God's own son. And you wrapped your power in sweet simplicity. Jesus I thank you for coming as a child like me.

He came in such an ordinary way to ordinary people...and for that I am thankful. So yep, I think He is definitely a fair person.


Tabby said...

I love stories like these, real ones that apply to our life today. It makes us think about a lot and truth!

thanks for your comment on the spotlight,

love a siesta,

jaycee said...

You and your daughter share a beautiful smile.

Thanks for commenting on my spotlight.

Maybe we will run into each other in SA!